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Why Visit and / or Exhibit?

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Because it helps our Students /Future Manufacturers
  • • Educate students on the many opportunities available to them on Long Island for a career in manufacturing
    • Change the misconceptions of “manufacturing” as a dirty job
    • Entice students to remain on Long Island and help grow the economy
Our Educators Benefit
  • Guidance counselors learn of the availability of career paths for their students
  • Influence education directions that can be put to use soon after graduation
  • Help align manufacturer directions and education reality
Long Island is helped
  • Image and other materials to use in industrial development
  • Understanding of where funds and attention can make a difference on Long Island
  • National and International recognition as the home to MFG Day Long Island
  • All events and visits listed with the National Association of Manufacturers as LONG ISLAND
  • Indication of the vibrant manufacturing / development community here
You find great talent
  • Up close and personal, at a booth or in your shop, you get to judge reactions to the next generation.
  • You understand how to start or maintain an Apprentice program
Marketing Benefits
  • National and local exposure on the web — including listing on the NAM site for factory visits.
  • A company page with a unique URL to use in marketing — for the events or your company
  • Your Searchable listing on the web
  • MFG DAY LI will take reservations for, and publicize, your factory visit and keep you informed
  • Appearance in a “background video” that scrolls continuously through both booth events.
  • All up all year and subject of frequent social marketing efforts — all year.
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