The Future of Manufacturing on Our Island

Long Island has been designated a haven for Advanced Manufacturing by the New York State Economic Development Agency.

And we have a bright future — YOU!

This is an (incorrect) perception of “manufacturing” — an assembly line a century ago making Henry Ford’s Model T’s.

Although the present of manufacturing involves manual processes, it also has control systems with sophisticated user interfaces.

(Image courtesy of GSE Dynamics, located in Hauppauge, a full-service engineering and manufacturing company engaged in the manufacture, assembly and testing of military mechanical, composite and structural components and assemblies.)

Wait, it gets better — “manufacturing” involves many more processes and opportunities — from quality control to marketing to design and commercialization!

This is an example from Long Island’s largest, fastest growing manufacturing industry sector, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Biotech, and Medical Devices.

Other industries here have similar opportunities to learn and contribute.

And that’s today — the FUTURE of “manufacturing” on Our Island belongs to YOU! We need you to experience the joy of walking into a store and bragging “I produced that!”

We have all levels of training and education here to innovate even better ways of dreaming up, and building our products.

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