Curtiss-Wright Booth

Suppliers to the medical, biotech, and cosmetics industries

Qosina is a leading supplier of OEM medical device components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We support innovation by helping medical device engineers get their products to market faster and more efficiently by offering free samples, low minimums on orders, just-in-time delivery, modification of existing molds, and new product design and development.

Qosmedix is a leading supplier of high quality merchandise for the cosmetic, spa and salon industries, designed to meet today’s health concerns by promoting cleanliness and hygiene. We maintain an extensive inventory of over a thousand different stock items within our 95,000 square foot climate-controlled facility.

We will meet you at our booth at the  Suffolk County Community College event. To register for either MFG Day Events, use the buttons below.

Qosina / Qosmedix

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